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Entrepreneur, Consultant, Researcher & Speaker: a communicative ESTJ with skills in IT, Innovation, HCI and Management. I am bold, analytical, positive, a very fast learner and I wield an unbeatable problem solving mentality. Most of my skills come from abstract thinking and a multi-disciplinary working experience. I am able to switch swiftly between scopes, allowing me to run a broad range of projects and improve the processes involved. A strong sense of quality control and design methodology, combined with creativity, communication and management skills just might make me a great asset to your organisation!


“I can say with confidence that Etienne is one of the strongest students that I ever encountered in these courses. His technical skills are far beyond those of almost all of his fellow students. It is rare to encounter a student who encompasses skills to excel both in the softer as well as in the exact sciences, but Etienne manages to do just that.”

Dr. Pieter Spronck | Associate Professor at Tilburg University

“Etienne’s group won two major awards: the “Best Design Phase” and “Best Prototype” of the year awards. He showed admirable design skills and his aesthetic sense is really unique.”

Dr. Suleman Shahid | Assistant Professor at Tilburg University

“I work with Etienne for quite some time now (about 5 years) and he keeps amazing me with his vision on on-line and off-line strategies. He is very passionate about his work, which reflects on the quality of the products and services he delivers. He will always go for the extra mile.”

ing. Stef Consten | Project leader at Case Builders

“I have no hesitation in recommending Etienne for any English-languae professional or scholastic endeavour for which he may apply. He achieved the distinction of scoring the highest grade given in the semester.”

Mark Vitullo | lecturer in English at Tilburg University

“Etienne is a reliable, driven and highly competent colleague who values high quality even in the details. His enthusiasm rubs off on you as he is motivated to reach goals, working around limitations of the team or circumstances.”

Drs. Stef Petit | Head of Comm. Marketing & Sales at Open University

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Human Aspects of IT

Researcher and publisher on advancements in technology and design - and its effect on product design, the web and society.


As entrepreneur I built strong concepts in IT & design and streamlined business processes. Bright ideas, solid efforts.

Lead & Management

I lead multi-disciplinary teams, get high quality projects on the road and manage knowledge and change.

Design & Development

I started out as an interaction/UX designer and creative digital media specialist. The web is still my playground.

Alma Mater

Tilburg University Logo
MA — Human Aspects of IT
Tilburg University is where I learned all about Academic Research, honing my skills in Research Methodology, Statistics and Product Design. After my bachelor specialisation in Business Communication & Digital Media I worked on projects in Social Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Knowledge Management. My thesis and published work revolve around good Design Methodology, Prototyping and HCI.
9 ECTS in extracurricular activities | Master GPA: A (9/10)

Language Center
Academic Writing in English (9/10)
English Speaking & Pronunciation (10/10)

Zuyd University Logo
BIT — Comm. & Multimedia Design
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has a strong international faculty of IT: Aachen (DU), Hasselt (BE) and Maastricht (NL). I worked in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment, leading student teams or researching and designing on my own accord. Multi-disciplinary Project Management, Development and Conceptual Design were my main areas of interest. I am guest lecturer & tutor at Zuyd.
12 ECTS in extracurricular activities | GPA: A- (8.5/10)


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